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Vuba epoxy floor standing up to the test at Radley College

When we first visited the workshop floor at Radley College, it was clear the existing system was not capable of dealing with the daily wear and tear that it was exposed to.

A Vuba Epoxy Floor Screed was the obvious choice for us. This would provide the college with a hard wearing, attractive and easy to maintain floor that would last in excess of 8 years, despite the high level of wear and tear.

When we commenced with the routine preparation, it was discovered that not only the surface but also the subfloor was in no fit state to continue. As a result we installed a polymer modified screed before installing two layers of 2mm grey epoxy floor screed for ultimate durability.

The result was fantastic and the client was left extremely happy. Half way through the 1st term, the floor is looking just as impressive with no sign of wear.

Epoxy Floor Screed

Hard wearing, hygienic epoxy floor screed

Vuba Epoxy Floor

Abrasion resistant, no cracking or chipping away