The benefits of epoxy line marking paint

Line Marking Epoxy Paint

Which is the best product for line marking?
Here’s a list of the most popular line marking solutions used for factory and warehouse floor demarcation:

Line marking spray paint – designed for quick and easy demarcation on concrete suitable for light traffic.

Epoxy line marking paint – for long lasting, hygienic and highly durable line markings applicable onto a range of surfaces including concrete, metal, wood etc.

Floor marking tapes – quick, easy and long lasting. Suitable for most concrete, metal or wood floor surfaces.

Epoxy line marking paint
Whilst there is a time and a place for the others options, we’d choose epoxy line marking paint time and time again. The extra attention to detail required is well worth it; with thorough preparation and careful application, you’ll be left with much longer lasting floor markings with the following benefits, to name just a few:

– Smooth & easy to clean
– Hygienic & food safe
– Suitable for heavy wheeled traffic
– Available in practically any colour
– Can be decorated with flakes/glitter (see what we did at the boxing gym floor)
– Suitable for most floor surface types

Specialist line marking paints
Let’s not forget that some surfaces, other than factory or warehouse floors will require line markings products. This is why we also offer the following:

Road marking paint – for concrete and asphalt roads or car parks, internal or external.

Field marking paint – semi-permanent line marking paint for grass sports pitches.

Thermoplastic line markings – suitable for permanent bay line markings for car parks

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