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Step by step guide to anti slip concrete floor paint

Applying anti slip floor paint is quick and easy, providing you know what you’re doing! Here’s our step by step guide on achieving a professional anti slip finish. There are always corners to cut and savings to make, but at Vuba we always take the belt and braces approach. So here’s how it’s done…

Step 1: Preparation
Clean the floor thoroughly using a high strength concrete degreaser to ensure any grease, oil or other contaminants are removed. You should then either grind the floor with vacuum enclosed angle grinders, or remove surface laitance from from new concrete with an industrial strength acid etch primer.

Step 2: Prime
Priming with an industrial epoxy primer allows for a smooth and uniform finish whilst improving the adhesional strength of the system. This means that not only will the application be smoother and easier, but the system will last for years to come regardless of the wear & tear.

Step 3: Base Coat & Scatter
Mix and apply your industrial floor paint with good quality rollers and brushes. Follow immediately with a liberal scatter of anti slip paint additive which is left to dry into the paint coating over night.

Step 4: Top Coat
The following day, sweep off any excess aggregate from the ‘sand carpet’ and apply a second coat of epoxy floor paint to seal in. The top coat is then left 24hrs before being exposed to traffic.

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