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Donation for Self-Funded RSPCA Education Centre

We’re always happy to help out in the name of charity where possible. We were recently contacted by RSPCA Hull looking for support to help build their new self-funded education centre.

Rubber Mark Remover

The RSPCA branch located on Clough Road, needed to transform an existing storage room into a hygienic and colour co-ordinated children’s education centre. The current floor was covered in rubbery deposits from machinery being dragged around and left uncleaned. The floor was dirty and not hygienic enough for the desired purposes.

Given the quality of the underlying floor, we suggested that it’d be a shame to cover over it. Despite their many attempts to clean the floor with standard floor cleaning products, the rubber marks just would not shift. We told them not to give up hope and to try Vuba-Rubbersolve, our high strength cleaning agent designed to remove stubborn tyre marks. This product works wonders, even on industrial floors. With the help of a rotary floor scrubber (borrowed from a nearby school) we’re confident Rubbersolve will do the trick.

Anti Slip Grip Tape

Throughout the centre there are many steps, steps and entrances presenting potential trip hazards. We took round a roll of anti slip grip tape to highlight these areas whilst offering excellent slip resistance to reduce the chance of accident by falling.

External Grip Paint

The painted floor surfaces in the dog kennels in the yard have seen better days. We’ve offered an extra 15% discount for our grip paint Vuba-Suregrip, designed to provide a quick and easy slip resistant finish in a range of colours. This will be perfect when the RSPC centre as it’s pre-mixed and easy to apply DIY.

If you own or run a charity organisation and are in need of any flooring supplies, please don’t hesitate to contact us. As a minimum we’re always happy to offer a generous good-will discount, if not something free of charge.

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