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Promoting your brand with floor markings

Many businesses look for innovative ways to promote their brand beyond the usual sign on the door or wall. As resin flooring contractors, we see a real opportunity presented by floor space, that rarely people use or even consider. We say ‘why not?’

Marking your floors can be one of the most visual and effective ways of displaying your brand, logo or slogan. Whilst line marking aerosol paints can do a job, this is not what we mean; high build epoxy line marking paint offers high strength and permanent floor markings without rubbing, flaking or fading away with traffic.

We recently visited the Stevie Smith Boxing Academy which was crying out for a floor make over. We suggested something that would not only look good and last for years, but would be functional with boxing specific floor markings. We also saw this as a great opportunity for Stevie to promote his brand and logo, giving his gym a touch of ‘je ne sais quoi’.

After one coat of Vuba epoxy floor coating, Epishield, the place was instantly transformed. But that was not the end of it. What was to set Stevie’s gym aside from the rest, was the bespoke logo and functional floor markings using Vuba floor marking stencils. It was not quick, nor easy, but well worth the effort and what a difference it made!

First Coat Down

Epoxy floor coating in Salsa Red after priming

Floor Paint Finish

Epoxy floor paint with glitter bespoke logo and boxing specific line marking