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Progress @ Radley College

All the prep work now done. The substrate is repaired, primed (twice for good measure) and we’re now ready to rumble.

First layer of Epilevel epoxy floor screed being installed today, with a second (again, for good measure) planned for tomorrow.

Finally on Sunday, the optional protective floor sealer is being installed. Radley have gone for Vuba-Polyseal in anti slip for a scratch resistant, anti slip, matt finish.

Here are a few Epilevel FAQs that we can relate to this project so far:

Does the subfloor need to be level?
Your epoxy floor screed will be 2-4mm thick depending on how many layers you apply. Therefore, if any areas are damaged or uneven to a higher degree then you need to do something about it. Levelling first with a self levelling compound is a cost effective idea that can level anything from 2mm up to 50mm2 so very versatile.

Can I go straight onto the concrete?
No! You must prime. We even prime twice if possible. Priming with a high quality epoxy floor primer not only promotes adhesion, but seals the surface to prevent the otherwise inevitable bubbles & pinholes. You can even go the full hog by installing two screed layers. Call us crazy if you like, but better safe than sorry!

Do I need to seal the epoxy screed?
Not essentially. However, besides offering improved scratch resistance, by sealing you are opening up your options on the type of finish. By default, epoxy floor screeds are high gloss and very smooth. You might want a matt finish and/or anti slip, depending on the environment.

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