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Meet the Team – Michal

Do you have a Nickname?

We already have three or four other Michal’s which isn’t easy to say the least! I’m Serious Mike. The others are Big Mike, Little Mike, Medium Mike & Mike Storr aka Clepto.

How long have you been working at Vuba and what is your role?

I started a few days ago. At the moment I’m managing the warehouse and learning about the order processing. I worked at a bakery before so flooring supplies is all very new to me.

What does your typical day look like?

I arrive at 8.30am and dive into the warehouse to check it’s tidy and all the stock of paints, screeds, tapes etc. are organised and ready for the days orders.

I go through the orders for the day, help out with the admin and get everything packed up ready for dispatch. I’m looking to learn about the flooring products and the different processes as quickly as possible so I can take on a wide range of responsibilities.

When not at work what do you do?


Top tip for helping people look at their floor?

Consider your options carefully. Vuba offer a range of flooring products including paints, screeds, tiles and matting. For most floors, you can take your pick, so it’s worthing calling our Technical team to make sure you choose wisely.

What do you think makes a good floor?

Hard work and a careful approach.

What is your favourite Vuba product?

I like Vuba-Joint Magisand because I like the name!