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Food safe floor and kerb paint in food processing factory

In October, we posted on the subject of drainage installation in a working Food & Drink Factory. Today we’re taking a look at resin floor maintenance.

Resin floors are designed take a heavy amount of general abrasion including daily wear and tear with foot traffic, trollies and fork lift trucks. Furthermore floors in these environments are usually exposed to grease, oil, salt, acid etc. and therefore require regular and thorough clean downs. Over a number of years, in the busy areas, the wear and tear takes it’s toll!

We were contacted recently by a food processing factory who had a resin floor which had started to loose it’s natural slip resistance and a quick and cost effective solution was required. We recommended Vuba Food Safe Wall and Kerb Paint. The full floor was cleaned, degreased and grinded to create a contaminant free substrate with a good key to bond onto. Vuba-Coat Sealcrete with a medium anti slip additive was then applied onto the prepared surface and left to cure overnight.

What are the benefits of Vuba food safe floor & kerb paint?

Vuba-Coat Sealcrete is a non-taint, non-toxic coating which is designed specifically for hygienic purposes, even allowing safe application in and around food production. Furthermore the high build polyurethane resin composition provides extremely high strengths which can be exposed to regular wheeled traffic and can be mixed with Vuba anti slip paint additive to combat slippery underfoot surfaces, typical in many food production environments.

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