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Factory conversion; anti slip floor paint step by step

Having the opportunity to work on this factory floor conversion represented a fresh and relatively unique challenge to us compared to the usual maintenance repair works that are so commonly required in the Food Industry.

This challenge was something our team relished. The existing concrete floor was unsealed, unhygienic and the in situ drainage channels, which once upon a time had a function in what was an old spice production factory, were now just a hindrance. Here is a summary of the job requirements, and how we tackled the job using Vuba products.

Drainage channel no longer required
This was to be infilled and made completely level to the existing surface. We used Vuba polyurethane concrete repair mortar which cures quickly to high strengths and is suitable for deep applications. We applied this onto a high strength epoxy tack coat primer.

Floor needed to be sealed with improved slip resistance
We primed with Vuba epoxy primer to seal the floor first, then applied a base coat of Vuba polyurethane food safe floor paint with a fine grade of anti slip quartz scatter. This was then sealed with a coloured top coat.

Walkways need to be created for pedestrian traffic and highlight packaging zones
Using contrasting colours of Vuba food safe floor paint, highly visual walkways and safety floor demarcation were created to excellent effect.