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DIY project: concrete resurfacing and epoxy floor coating

Many floor paint enquiries come off the back of people trying cheap off-the-shelf floor paints that simply don’t last. This story was no different. Besides flaking paint, they were equally unimpressed with the finish of their concrete.

On close inspection there were also some areas of damp concrete which was causing issues with the paint bonding to the substrate. Here’s what we recommended, why and how it was applied by our customer.

Problem: Damp concrete floor.
Solution: Vuba damp proof primer with a fine grade quartz scatter.
Why: Vuba-Prime Hydraguard has a very high moisture tolerance, preventing blistering and debonding which is common with other standard primers or coatings. The fine grade quartz scatter, using Vuba anti slip paint additive, bonds onto the drying primer to create a ‘sand carpet’ which is ideal for any subsequent screed or coating to adhere to.
How: The damp proof primer was mixed and applied by brush and roller in two coats over two days, with the scatter installed into the second coat.

Problem: Uneven concrete.
Solution: Vuba self-levelling compound.
Why: Vuba-Screed Unilevel is a high strength cementitious compound that can level off any cement based substrate from 2-50mm, designed for insulation prior to screed or coating application.
How: The self levelling compound was added to clean water and mixed with a heavy duty drill and paddle. The mixed compound was then poured out on the floor to self level and finished off with a spiked roller.

Problem: Flaking floor paint.
Solution: Vuba epoxy floor coating.
Why: Unlike off-the-shelf single pack paints, and even most other twin pack products, this high build epoxy floor paint is thick, durable and offers excellent adhesion.
How: The epoxy floor coating was mixed on site with a hand drill and paddle, applied by brush and roller and left to cure overnight. A second coat was applied the following day and left to cure for 24 hrs.

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