At Vuba, we quite often […]

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Line Marking Epoxy Paint

The benefits of epoxy line marking paint

Any well managed and organised work place provides clear floor demarcation. But why choose epoxy line marking paint? Here’s a few reasons…

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GRP Stair Treads & Nosings

Top 10 Advantages of GRP for Stairs & Steps

GRP is on of the various methods for improving step and stair safety. Here are 10 reason why you might chose GRP over paints, tapes or aluminum equivalents.

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Garage Flooring Ideas

10 Ideas to Improve Your Garage Floor

Whether it be old, new or painted concrete, there is always something you can do to enhance your garage floor. Here are 10 ideas we believe should be considered

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Flat Roof Paint

Product Focus: Roofgrip Flat Roof Paint

Some introductory FAQs to Vuba’s evermore popular Aquagrip Flat Roof Paint…

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Resin Bound Surfacing

How to Lay Gravel Resin Driveway; You’re Bound to Love It!

3 simple steps to achieve a DIY gravel resin bound driveway in just one day!

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Non Slip Decking Strips

Decking transformations a la Titchmarsh

Here’s a breakdown of how Titchmarsh & his men suggest transforming domestic decking using Vuba GRP Decking Strips, as seen in Episode 1 of Love Your Garden.

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Vuba Roof Coating

Product Focus: Acrylic Roof Coating

A closer look today at Vuba-Roof Aquaseal. Most frequently asked questions about our DIY acrylic roof coating all answered here.

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Epoxy Floor Paint

10 Ways to Enhance Epoxy Floor Coatings

10 Expert tips to make the most out of your epoxy floor coating application. Offering ways to improve the appearance & performance of your applied floor paint.

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Anti Slip Floor Paint

A Guide to Apply Anti Slip Floor Paints & Coatings

With many anti slip paints available that can all be applied in various ways, here’s how we suggest you apply your paint for an attractive non-slip finish.

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