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Anti slip epoxy floor paint for new warehouse floor

Vuba-Gripcoat is our top performing anti slip epoxy floor paint. It can be applied onto practically any concrete floor, non other more perfect than a large warehouse floor space such as the one at a plastic injection moulding manufacturer, nearby to us.


If a concrete floor is left bare, it quickly becomes dusty and difficult to maintain. When subject to wear and tear, damages will soon appear in the form of cracking and pot holes which will worsen and become dangerous and costly over time. Our recent client was proactive in calling us in to discuss their options. The warehouse manager recognised that, due to the regular fork lift traffic, their concrete floor would be prone to damages further down the line which ultimately would lead to escalated costs if left till too late. Whilst there are many options available to prevent this from happening, some are better than others; the advantages of Gripcoat in this case are endless.


Gripcoat first and foremost seals your floor; the concrete is instantly dust-free. With a wide range of colours available you can create a very attractive and functional (line markings, walkways etc.) floor surface far superior to bare concrete. Where Gripcoat stands out further from the crowd is its high-build ultra strength; applied onto a suitably prepared substrate, there’s no budging it. It offers permanent results without flaking off or wearing away when exposed to regular traffic. With the addition of our anti slip paint additive, this attractive and ultra-strength coating has the benefit of slip resistance which is ideal where subject to pedestrian or wheeled traffic.


As with any floor coating application, the results are only as good as the preparation. Having cleaned the floor thoroughly, we used vacuum enclosed diamond grinders to mechanically create a key in the floor. Ensuring the floor was swept and vacuumed thoroughly, we primed the prepared floor with Vuba epoxy floor primer in one coat for extra adhesional strength and to allow for improved coverage with the paint coat. We applied the epoxy coating in two coats; the anti slip paint additive was scattered into the freshly applied first coat, then sealed in the following day to leave the final finish.

What Now

With the flooring successfully complete, we’ve been asked to return and coat the walls in an epoxy finish. Next week’s blog post will detail all the up and coming action including some tips for DIY buyers.

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