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10 Ideas to Improve Your Garage Floor

With practically every domestic garage having a concrete floor of some description, this is a pretty popular subject. Today we break down for you all of the garage flooring ideas that come to mind as being the most effective.

Whether you’re looking for something inexpensive or a luxurious finish, there are plenty of options, and here they are in order of cost:

1. Concrete Dust Proofer £0.60 /m2
Most domestic garage floors suffer from dust, sometimes a lot. You don’t have to worry about new flooring or an expensive paint finish, but instead consider sealing with concrete dust proofer. By brushing into the surface and leaving to chemically harden the floor, dust levels will drop instantly. Apply in two coats and you’re good to go.

2. Cheap Floor Paint £0.64 /m2
Any concrete garage floor can be given a couple of coats of floor paint, which does not have to be expensive. You can apply cheap floor paint as a novice DIYer without worrying too much about preparation or mixing. This option is ideal for garage floors subject to foot traffic alone. If you’re driving your car in and out, consider spending a bit more on a specialist garage floor paint or one of the below more robust options.

3. Clear sealer £1.88 /m2
By sealing with a clear concrete floor sealer  not only will you prevent dusting, but your floor will actually be  sealed rather than just ‘hardened’. So, you’ll have a smoother and more attractive garage floor that’s easier to clean and stain free.

4. Anti slip paint £2.92 – £9.91 /m2
Offering all the same advantages of a standard painted finish, but with an aggregated finish for a rough underfoot surface that prevents slips and trips even when wet or oily. So if you’re concerned about turning your garage floor into an ice rink, fear not, just go for the anti slip paint option.

5. Epoxy floor paint £4.50 – £12.19 /m2
You’ll come across a wide range of internal floor paints, but epoxy floor paint is well and truly the pick of the bunch. There are all different kinds available with varied price tags. Two coats of epoxy floor paint will provide an attractive dust proof surface with excellent adhesion and durability, therefore lasting much longer than cheaper floor coatings that often need touching up after a few months or sometimes just weeks.

6. Flake or glitter coating £9.78 /m2
Scattering by hand into a freshly applied coating, and sealing in with a clear top coat is all it takes to achieve a modern & chic epoxy flake floor coating. Offering all the strength & performance of epoxy floor coatings but with the eye catching design, turning your garage floor into something to be proud of.

7. Rubber Flooring £15-30 /m2
The idea of rubber flooring for garages opens up a number of options. You can go for studded rubber tiles, marble or slate effect or even turn your garage into a gym with rubber gym flooring.

8. Epoxy floor screed £19 /m2
Applied at 2-3mm thickness, an epoxy floor screed completely levels off your existing concrete with a smooth & seemless finish which can be cleaned with ease and left exposed to regular car traffic.

9. Concrete resurfacer £20 /m2
Less decorative, and more structual. For uneven or damaged concrete, there’s little a lick of paint will do to cover it up. Install a self levelling concrete resurfacing screed (at least 5mm) to cover over all unevenness and leave you with a smooth grey finish, completely dust free. You don’t have to stop there either; all 9 other options will work on top if required.

10. Interlocking PVC tiles £32-34 /m2
Whilst not the cheapest solution (i.e. the most expensive!), interlocking PVC floor tiles are actually a very sensible idea for your garage floor. They’re quick and easy to install with practically zero preparation required. You’re not relying on adhesion to the surface as they can be dry laid, which also means that each tile can be replaced individually if damaged in the future. This also means you can take the whole floor with you when you move home!

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